Move & Play Through Winter, Eh?

Get active outdoors this winter!

This page shares a variety of resources for winter physical activity including resources that have been created to support Winter Walk Day!

Winter Walk Ideas

Are you looking to add some variety to your winter walk? Why not try SNOWGA, download this poster to see some examples of how to try SNOWGA the next time you are out on a walk!

Play this recording using the As Big As the Sky story book as you do a Winter Walk outdoors, pausing during your walk to do the movements from the story.

Move & Play through Winter Eh!

The Move & Play through Winter Eh! resource was created to highlight the importance of outdoor play in the winter and to provide some fun ways to do so. Learning Fundamental Movement Skills, such as sliding and gliding, and engaging in fun outdoor play in the snow are important elements to developing physical literacy in Canada.

The cards are divided into three sections:

  • #myactivefamily: information and ideas that to get active with the whole family
  • Outdoor Games: outdoor games ideal for school or recreation programming. These games can be played in all weather conditions, when participants are properly dressed for the weather.
  • Dance!: Take the music outside and try 3 of the winter themed group dances provided by DANCPL3Y!


Resource in Action

Click the preview below to watch a 1 minute video featuring Lindsay Wright, Be Fit For Life Network Coordinator, on how to use this resource.

DANCEPL3Y Choreography & Notes

Click here to access the dances & choreography notes features in the resource!