Physical Literacy in Alberta Video Series

The purpose of the Physical Literacy in Alberta video series is for multi-sector use to provide education, awareness and avenues for conversation on physical literacy. The videos provide an enticing way for organizations and individuals to examine their communities, their current programs and initiatives and look at ways to integrate the principles of physical literacy into their work.

Video 1 – Introduction
Video 2 – Physical Literacy can be developed anywhere
Video 3 – Physical Literacy is developed though quality movement experiences in a variety of environments
Video 4 – Physical Literacy can be supported by everyone
Video 5 – Physical Literacy is a journey for all
Video 6 – Physical Literacy thrives in a collaborative environment through mentorship and sharing
Video 7 – Physical Literacy begins with YOU – links to to sign up and connect

How to use the videos:

The opportunities for using the videos are endless. A few examples include:

  • In a staff meeting to generate discussion within your organization
  • As part of a community engagement meeting
  • With parent councils or community associations
  • To make connections and/or build relationships with others that work in recreation, sport,
  • health, education or active living
  • In a staff training/on boarding process
  • Insert videos as a link into newsletters
  • Conversation starters when starting or strengthening a PLAY group or wellness coalition
  • In workshops or community education settings

*If using the videos in a group setting, consider providing an outline for discussion, using small
breakout groups for discussion and then share back with the group, and/or allocating someone to take notes to be compiled after the meeting or session.

Thank you to the Recreation and Physical Activity Division of the Government of Alberta for your support in making this video series possible. A special thank you to Gary Shelton, Dr. Vicki Harber, Tracy Morgan, Lori Davis, Tammy Goodwin and the Be Fit For Life Network for helping at numerous stages of this project.