Active Everyday!

How will you be active today?

This series of resources are designed to give ideas on how you can be active everyday! In this section you will find a variety of Monthly Activity Calendars as well as the My Active Playbook in versions that can be used at home or at school.

Active Playbooks

Designed for preschool (with adult support) through grade 3, the My Active at Home PLAYbook features fun activities from a variety of Be Fit for Life Network resources. With coloring pages, games, activities, this resource is a fun way to explore physical activity at home or at school. Don’t forget to click through the links in the online version!

Active Playbook

  • Click here for the web download version
  • Click here for the print version
  • Click here for a fillable version

Active Everyday Calendars

Keep moving with daily and easy to follow activity ideas for at home or at school. Download these monthly calendars and click the activity names for links to their videos and resources. Be sure to click the links in the margins for more fun activities and resources.

DPA for Kids Calendars

Active Everyday for Teens & Adults