Orange Marks the Spot

Lesson plans to support outdoor adventure

A fun way to introduce outdoor adventure skills to participants aged 5-12 years!

The Alberta Orienteering Association and the Be Fit For Life Network have partnered to create this new resource! There are 6 lesson plans included in this resource that are designed for use in a variety of settings, including school, recreation, sport and community programs. Each lesson is designed to be approximately 1 hour in length. Use these lessons as a guideline to support each activity, allowing for participant and instructor creativity.

Two new lesson plans added November 2018!

Click on the individual lessons below or download the full file with all 6 lessons included at the bottom of the page!

Lesson 1
Introduction to Navigation: Cardinal Directions

Lesson 2
Introduction to Controls: Applying Navigation

Lesson 3
Navigating on a Course

Lesson 4
Bringing It All Together: Navigating By Memory

Lesson 5
Placing and Finding Controls on a Course

Lesson 6
Applying Navigation and Outdoor Exploration Skills

Target Audience: leaders in school, recreation, sport and community programs

Cost: Free download

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