Move & Play at Recess

Over the past few years, there has been emerging research indicating that the use of painted lines on playground tarmac surfaces, can be an effective and low cost means to help increase moderate to vigorous physical activity levels in children.

As part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the University of Calgary, the Faculty of Kinesiology gave the “Gift of Play” to 50 schools in the Calgary area that are in need of a playground pick-me-up. As a legacy to this project, we have distributed stencil kits (paint can be purchased separately) from this project to each of the Be Fit For Life Centre’s across Alberta. Please contact contact your local Be Fit For Life Centre if you would like to borrow a stencil kit to enhance your outdoor play environment.

Thanks to the sponsorship from Alberta Blue Cross, we have been spreading the Gift of Play across Alberta over 4 years. Check with your local BFFL centre for more information.

This resource can be used to supplement activities in the classroom, quality physical education, and in conjunction with games enjoyed during free play. Playground stencils can be replicated with sidewalk chalk or tape.

Target Audience: teachers, student leaders

Cost: Free download