Lucky 7s Card Game

Develop physical literacy in a fun and ever changing card game!

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are essential building blocks in the development of physical literacy. Just as learning the alphabet gives a child the tools they need to be able to read, learning basic movement skills allows for more complex, coordinated movements. The Lucky 7s cards integrate these FMS in activities that encourage participation and develop confidence in a fun and ever changing card game. The Lucky 7s cards are great for use with large groups and include instruction cards with 7 unique game ideas.

The suits in this deck include:

  • Stability Spades
  • Dynamic Diamonds
  • Healthy Hearts
  • Lucky Clubs (Wild Cards!)

This resource was developed in partnership with Ever Active Schools & the Alberta Medical Association Youth Run Club.

Target Audience: Physical Activity Leaders, participants ages 5+ (adults love it too!)

Cost: $15 + shipping & tax