As Big as the Sky, as Tall as the Trees

This book combines imagination and movement through the exploration of the land and heart of Alberta.

Using the land as a connection piece for all, this book is meant to be inclusive of all Indigenous groups, allowing for further discussion, learning and sharing of oral traditions and language with each page. This book can also be used within non-indigenous groups to promote reconciliation practice and stewardship of the earth and the environment. This book is the third in Be Fit For Life’s “Moving Stories” series.

Target Audience: As Big as the Sky, as Tall as the Trees was created to serve as a resource for parents, caregivers, teachers and programmers, as well as childcare providers to help promote the development of physical literacy through physical activity for children in the early years (0-5).

Cost: $15 + shipping & tax

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  • Listen to the book being read aloud on our YouTube page.
  • Use this recording as you do a Winter Walk outdoors, pausing during your walk to do the movements from the story.