About Us

Our Vision

Albertans are knowledgeable, confident, motivated and have the skills they need to engage in physical activity for life.

Our Mission

To work collectively to inspire, educate and support Albertans to lead healthy, physically active lifestyles.

9 regional centres working in together to support a more physically active Alberta

The Network is supported by operational funding from the Recreation and Physical Activity Division of the Alberta Ministry of Culture and Tourism and by additional project grant funding from the Alberta Sport Connection and Sport Canada. Each regional Centre is located within and works in partnership with a College or University across the province.

The first Be Fit For Life centre emerged in 1982 as a fitness resource centre at the University of Alberta’s Provincial Fitness Unit, later growing into a Network of Centres embedded in Colleges and Universities across Alberta, bridging the work of the institutions with the community at large. The Network has grown and evolved since it’s inception, remaining committed to the health and wellness of Albertans. A shift in focus to physical literacy development as a vehicle for health and well-being has opened doors for a coordinated approach for change, bringing new stakeholders from education, health, sport and recreation sectors to the table with a shared vision of Albertans who are confident, competent and motivated to engage in physical activity for life.

A Network Approach

Be Fit For Life Coordinators are experts in physical activity, working across sectors in their unique communities, setting the stage for collaboration and alignment of services to support their community in the development of physical literacy. The Network brings together people, organizations and resources from all parts of the community. This Network approach creates strong relationships, which supports the coordinated physical activity delivery system in Alberta.

Each Centre provides workshops, resources, and events for coaches, teachers, recreation leaders, and other physical literacy champions, while some Centres also offer direct quality physical activity programming in their communities.

We are currently funded through operational support from the Alberta Ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women and are housed at Alberta Post Secondary Institutions.

Read our full Strategic Plan here.

Be Fit For Life Network Highlights from 2019-2020

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The Be Fit For Life Network will be will be sharing resources and learning opportunities 4-6 times a year in partnership with local Physical Literacy and You (PLAY) groups. Click here to see examples of our past Enews.

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